Customer Testimonials

What our Cow-op customers are saying...

I want to thank you and your staff of farmers and folks who work so beautifully to bring all this lush bounty to me every week. Please know that I absolutely am thankful and would circle hug you with sincerity for your contribution to my health personally and to our island community.

Anne Kong, Victoria

"Buying local is really important to me, and the Cow-Op has made it so convenient to purchase fresh local products. I love it!"

N. Arajs, Duncan

I am a BIG fan of the Cow-op!  For me it makes life so much easier knowing that Annik and I are purchasing local produce online!  We will miss you when we move!  Maybe a franchising opportunity in other regions? :)
Joy, Peace & Love,

Grant, Duncan

I absolutely love being able to buy locally grown products and support my local producers!   It saves me so much time and I know that I am getting top quality! I'd like to say thank you to the Cow-op for thinking outside the box and bringing this great initiative to our community!

C Thompson, Duncan

"I love being able to access all the abundance of the Farmer’s Market without the extra trip to town each week.”

Swarn, Duncan

I love being able to shop by my favourite local farmers, browse all the great offerings, do it all online then pick my groceries up, already packed and ready for me. Phew! It makes life easier and local delicious food so easy to access.

Janelle Hardy, Duncan


The Cow-op is a very convenient way to get local produce. Ordering online at our leisure, where we can browse, consider, ponder and stay dry is a real delight. Then the farmers bring their goods to the city, and all we have to do is pick it up. The management of the cow-op has been extremely helpful and I would highly recommend involvement with the cow-op.

B Worthy, Duncan


I love using the Cow-Op service. It is often hard for me to get to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, but quite easy to get to CGC for a pick up on Thursday afternoon! Because I already know a lot of the farmers, I know exactly who I am buying from when I place my order, but I can order at my convenience any time of the day or night. It fits into my life a bit better (and I don't have to carry cash)!

Bev Suderman, Duncan


I'm doing what I can to get the word out. It's such a brilliant idea. Pickup can be tricky some days but the quality of the produce is magnificent!!

V McIntosh, Duncan