Elk View Acres

Food with a View! 

Elk View Acres farm is named for the wonderful view of an elk herd that owners Julia Fisher and Steve Walter see when they wake up every morning. Like the elk, the Cow-op.ca online marketplace’s newest member sellers are moving steadily through the fields as the season goes.

Growing up on her parents’ farm, Julia learned an abundance of farming wisdom that continued with her while she earned a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies, as well as a Master of Science in Ecology. Julia also continued learning about growing food in the Valley while apprenticing at Cow-op member Lockwood Farm for 2 years. All of her knowledge is reflected in the quality of Elk View Acres’ food!  

Growing using organic methods but not certified, Elk View Acres offers a wide variety of crops, from kale, salads and cukes to potatoes, cabbages, and the most stunning flower bouquets to brighten your day!

In addition to farm-fresh products, Elk View Acres also rents bee hives for pollination and offers juicing services at their farm for all kinds of fruits. As it’s their first year of production, Julia and Steve are still working hard to get all their farming systems in place.  They continue to learn by experimenting which is the best way to improve efficiency and find their niche.

They feel fully supported by the community and are excited to be a part of the strong culture of local food and farming in the Cowichan Region.  They are also excited to sell online every week with Cow-op! Taste the beauty of Elk View Acres’ bounty by visiting www.cow-op.ca.




Laurence Malouin is studying Agronomy at Université Laval, Qc and is completing her internship with the Cow-op.ca, Cowichan's farmer and food processor co-operative and online marketplace. Her position is funded in part by the Young Canada Works program. The objective of the program is to provide enriching employment opportunities to young Canadian citizens who meet the YCW eligibility requirements to help them gain work experience related to their field of study and explore career opportunities while improving their proficiency in their second official language. The program also aims to offer participants the opportunity of a geographic exchange experience.