Spicing up the Valley

IXIM Foods Inc. is leading the way in bringing quality Mexican foods to the Cowichan Valley by specializing in purely authentic ready-to-go Mexican cuisine!

Owner Michell Paez was born in Mexico and moved to Canada when she was 18. As time went by she was really missing the fresh taste of an authentic corn tortilla. Luckily, that fresh tortilla taste returned with a visit from her mother who brought Michell and her life and business partner PJ, a small tortilla press. “For years, we would make fresh tortillas for ourselves and our friends, honing our skills as experts in the craft of making fresh corn tortillas” explains PJ. Back in the summer of 2014, when they returned to the island after living abroad, PJ and Michell started a hobby business making tortillas by hand and selling them at a local farmer’s market. There was an immediate response from the public; people loved them! Within a few weeks, IXIM Foods Inc. was created.

Presently, Ixim is much more than corn tortillas. In the past 4 years, Ixim Foods Inchas grown to incorporate several authentic Mexican food products including a line of taco fillings like Chicken Tinga, Cochinita Pibil, Vegan Chorizo,and Refried Beans. They also produce a Mexican-style hot chocolate, artisan Molé, and several types of salsas.  “As a family run business, we are careful about where we source our ingredients,” PJ explains. “Everything we produce is made from scratch without the use of preservatives. All our foods are made in small batches to ensure freshness for our customers, and everything is gluten-free.” For their signature tortillas, they make sure to use heirloom (non-GMO) corn, water, and lime, nothing more. They are one of a growing number of small-scale food processors in the Valley with a strong and loyal customer base, contributing to a strong local food culture.

IXIM Foods Inc.’s delicious products are currently available through the Cow-op.ca online farmer’s market (www.cow-op.ca).They have booths at both the Duncan and Qualicum Beach Farmer’s Markets and their tortillas are being sold at Pomme Naturals in Nanaimo. Their food-truck, Taco Revolution, is available for catering, and can be found at various events and markets throughout the Valley. 




Jess van den Broek is a Horticulturist and Hobby-farmer in Shawnigan Lake. She is currently working as an intern at the Cowichan Green Community and Cow-op.ca online farmers' market.